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Click to your favorite sites with Clickables. Clickables is a customizable reference directory. Do you have a parent or boss that's not comfortable using search engines or typing in addresses in a browser? Set up a customized Clickables page with links to sites you feel they will enjoy without the stress of searching for them!

Book clubs, set-up a Clickables page for your group and share interesting links about books and authors.

Teachers, set-up a Clickables page for students to help them find resources for that special project.

Clickables are easy to customize. Just copy the address of the website you want to put on your customized Clickables page then click on the "pencil" icon before the link name on your Clickables page. A box will pop up for you to put in the webpage (URL) address you just copied (instructions under help menu), type in a title (and tool tip if desired) and click save. Nothing could be simpler and best of all it's FREE!

You can use this form to submit sites you want added

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You can unregister at anytime by sending an email to unregisterclickables with "Unregister Clickables" in the subject line.